Zen Life Skills

How to ‘Do it All’?

How many times have we heard– ‘you cannot do it all?’

And what if “doing it all” is what you love to do!

Is the corporate world equipped to accommodate multi-passionate workers? While some people revel in taking up one role and mastering it, others hate the boredom that comes with it. They like to do different things and be part of multiple assignments. They can switch off mentally and emotionally when relegated to one mundane task. When they are at their best, their colleagues view them as ‘people pleasers’ for saying yes to everything. In their worst moments, they get sucked up into too many projects because they seemed to ‘ask for it.

Where is the balance? How do you ‘do it all,’ without appearing like a serious case of ADHD?

The simple answer is YOU DON’T!

The next time you feel like ‘doing it all,’ ask yourself – “Am I doing it from a place of competence?” Or “is there an underlying need to prove myself?”

If you are mindful of your motivations, you will soon gain leverage. Else, you will hit burnout. AND YOU WILL HIT IT PRETTY SOON!

When you finally realize what you are good at, let go of other projects. Let someone else make good use of those opportunities.

Sometimes, your organization’s balance sheet might just thank you for taking ownership of that one ‘mundane’ but important task and putting your head down to get it done.